Günstige Privat-Unterkünfte für Übernachtung in Düsseldorf

Welcome to Düsseldorf!

Private accommodation for your overnight stay in Düsseldorf

Our accommodation facilities are as varied as the reasons for travelling. Travelling technicians request rooms, but also tourists and of course trade exhibitors who book our trade-fair rooms.


NOTE: The regulations change due to the corona distribution continuously. It may therefore be that your stay is immediate Departure must be ended. The property will not accommodate travelers with visible symptoms of COVID-19. The property will not accommodate travelers with any cold symptoms record, tape. With a booking you declare: The traveler has had no knowing contact with infected persons within the last 14 days. The specific Corona hygiene rules and the minimum distance to others are on site At least 1.5 m people required in the accommodation. More information at …… www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus, www.mags.nrw and www.land.nrw/corona

Some helpful tips from bed & breakfast

"Et jit nix, was nit jit" or there ain't nothing new under the sun, as we Düsseldorfers say, and in that spirit, we reinvent ourselves again and again. And that doesn't only encompass our world famous fashion scene. Join us for a little tour...

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bed & breakfast Düsseldorf

bedandbreakfast karina neumann

Karina Neumann
Am Forst Kalkum 10
40472 Düsseldorf

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +49 211 98 92 150

Office hours and prices

Mo-Do: 10.00 – 15.00
Fr: 10.00 – 14.00

Single rooms from € 30,00
Double rooms from € 55,00

Further information


Prices can vary depending on length of stay and season. Please ask the local agency for a concrete offer.

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  • Duesseldorf Unterrath Appartement 83f4f1
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath Guenstiges Gaestezimmer 83f4
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath Charme 83f4f3
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath Familienfreundlich 83f4f4
Code: HWG466 Superior

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Nice appartment ● Souterrain ● single bed ● separate kitchen with microwave no stove ● TV ● quiet area ● incl. breakfast ● separate bathroom ● close to the fairground ● A…
  • Max. 1 guest
  • 30 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 30,- €
per night / 1 guest
  • Duesseldorf Volmerswerth Appartement d213b1
  • Duesseldorf Volmerswerth Freundliches Appartement
  • Duesseldorf Volmerswerth eigener Kueche d213b3
  • Duesseldorf Volmerswerth freundliche Gastgeber d21
  • Duesseldorf Volmerswerth Kinder willkommen d213b5
Code: dues691 Superior

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Apartment in a one family house in the country, good traffic connection ● 28 qm ● 2.floor ● non-smoker room ● countrified ● superior category ● double bed (1,40) ● own sh…
  • Max. 1 guest
  • 28 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 36,- €
per night / 1 guest
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Appartement 3e1691
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof geraeumiges 1 Zimmer Apparte
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof eigenem Bad 3e1693
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Familienfreundlich 3e1694
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Kinder willkommen 3e1695
Code: dues666 Superior

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apartment in a row house ● 20 qm ● 2.floor ● non-smoker room ● in the south of Düsseldorf ● quiet surroundings ● 1 double bed, 1 sleeping couch ● own kitchen ● tv ● inter…
  • Max. 2 Guests
  • 20 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 48,- €
per night / 2 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Oberkassel Monteurwohnung ed3a91
  • Duesseldorf Oberkassel Guenstiges Appartement ed3a
  • Duesseldorf Oberkassel Charme ed3a93
  • Duesseldorf Oberkassel Familienfreundlich ed3a94
Code: RG439 Superior

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Nice Apartment with pantry-kitchen and a nice garden view ● close to the river Rhein ● TV ● quiet area ● separate bathroom ● breakfast costs separately Euro 5,00 ● Attent…
  • Max. 2 Guests
  • 30 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 48,- €
per night / 2 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Stockum Privatzimmer 5d2b51
  • Duesseldorf Stockum Zimmer 5d2b52
  • Duesseldorf Stockum Kuechenausstattung 5d2b53
  • Duesseldorf Stockum familienfreundlich 5d2b54
Code: dues647 Superior

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double room in an apartment ● in the north of Düsseldorf ● fairground within walking distance ● near fairground ● near airport ● superior category ● double bed and sofa-b…
  • Max. 2 Guests
  • 35 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 65,- €
per night / 2 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Derendorf familienfreundlich 3f2704
  • Duesseldorf Derendorf Monteurwohnung 3f2701
  • Duesseldorf Derendorf Geraeumige 2 Zimmer Wohnung
  • Duesseldorf Derendorf eigenem Bad 3f2703
  • Duesseldorf Derendorf Raucher  3f2705
Code: MH451 Superior

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Apartment with 1 double room and 1 single room ● central but quiet ● single bed and Sofa bed ● TV ● fridge ● coffee machine ● watercooker ● separate entrance ● breakfast …
  • Max. 3 Guests
  • 60 m2 living space
  • 1 Rooms
from 72,- €
per night / 3 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof eigener Kueche c7dd03
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Monteurwohnung c7dd01
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Guenstige Monteurwohnung c7d
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof familienfreundlich c7dd04
  • Duesseldorf Hellerhof Rauchen c7dd05
Code: dues832 Superior

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flat ● 2. floor ● 80 sqm ● 1 double and 1 single bed§● , own kitchen with fridge ● coffee machine ● microwave ● dishwasher ● Audio ● TV ● balcony ● garden view ● parking …
  • Max. 3 Guests
  • 80 m2 living space
  • 2 Rooms
from 90,- €
per night / 3 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath  3d4861
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath  3d4862
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath  3d4863
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath  3d4864
  • Duesseldorf Unterrath  3d4865
Code: KB33 Superior

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2 bright and friendly double rooms with one separate bathroom● 14 sqm and 18 sqm ● double bed and two single beds ● TV ● fridge ● coffee machine ● very easy transportatio…
  • Max. 4 Guests
  • 36 m2 living space
  • 2 Rooms
from 96,- €
per night / 4 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Duesseldorf Raucherlounge im Vorgarten
  • Duesseldorf Lichtenbroich Monteurzimmer bf83b1
  • Duesseldorf Lichtenbroich Geraeumiges Apartment
  • Duesseldorf Lichtenbroich volleingerichtete Kueche
  • Duesseldorf Lichtenbroich Familienfreundlich  ruhi
Code: dues742 Superior

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Apartment in a detached house near the airport ● 2nd floor ● in the north of Düsseldorf ● quiet location, shopping facilities nearby ● upscale furnishings ● 4 single beds…
  • Max. 4 Guests
  • 78 m2 living space
  • 2 Rooms
from 96,- €
per night / 4 Guests
  • Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth Familienfreundlich 936b94
  • Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth Ferienwohnung 936b91
  • Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth Geraeumige 3 Zimmer Wohnu
  • Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth Wohnung hat 2 Badezimmer
  • Duesseldorf Kaiserswerth Rauchen auf der Terrasse
Code: dues811 Superior

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flat in a detached building with 3 single rooms ● 86 sqm ● 1st floor ● non-smoker accommodation ● in the north of Düsseldorf ● superior category ● 3 double beds ● two bat…
  • Max. 3 Guests
  • 86 m2 living space
  • 3 Rooms
from 108,- €
per night / 3 Guests

Our Königsalle (King´s Alley), or the "Kö", as we call it, is just about a kilometer long, but it’s known around the world.

It is one of the best shopping addresses in Germany. Many famous fashion houses have their shops on its sidestreets. When the sun comes out, the Königsalle becomes one big sidewalk cafe. Strolling, posing, and drinking a glass of champagne in a cafe terrace in the shade of an old chestnut tree are the order of the day. Perhaps that's why the nickname "little Paris", first coined by Napoleon during a visit in Fall of 1811, has stuck.

Düsseldorf's old town offers unusual shops and around 260 quaint pubs - hence the expression "longest bar in the world"!

Our beautiful Rhine promenade along the old town with the Burgplatz stairs and the casemates lives up to this reputation. The White Fleet also starts its round trips on the Rhine from here. If you jog, cycle or just continue strolling along the promenade, you will pass the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia after a few minutes to finally reach the architecturally stylish Medienhafen with its numerous restaurants.

But Düsseldorf also attracts culturally with museums, castles and events possible as part of Corona.
Even for tourists who enjoy hiking, Düsseldorf offers differently challenging routes, in the west along the Rhine, in the south the Unterbacher See to the Elbsee, in the east the wildlife park with subsequent Aaper forest or in the north the Kalkummer forest which stretches to Kaiserswerth or the Düsseldorf rose town Angermund extends.

Our specialty as mediation is a wide range.
There are inexpensive holiday and trade fair accommodations, including Exhibition apartments as well as simple apartment for workers.

I hope our little tour has been enjoyable and that I can welcome you shortly!