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Are you interested in bed & breakfast?

Go-it-aloners do it the tough way

There are many reasons for joining the bed & breakfast association:

  • Tourism is a very hotly contested market (e. g. a strong lobby of boarding house and hotel owners) in which only those than be successful who achieve a strong presence with supraregional importance.
  • Within the association it is possible to transfer customers among the association members (e. g. regular corporate customers) and to open up other sources of customers (e. g. tour operators) for whom individual agencies would not be of interest.
  • Wide coverage with a uniform image increases the attractive power for the customer as well as his willingness to avail himself of what a company is offering. On the one hand, the recognition effect is greater and on the other hand the customer sees that the offer is being made by a serious and efficient organisation.
  • Each individual agency benefits from the uniform appearance of the whole enterprise. And vice versa, the success of the whole is supported and promoted by each of its parts. The exchange of experience and tips among the agencies promotes improvement of the service and thus leads to greater efficiency and higher sales.

But you also have to contribute something!

The bed & breakfast requirements profile:

  • Your qualifications: we expect our franchisees to have some basic commercial knowledge and possibly also some knowledge relating to this branch of business. Pleasure in contact with people (in particular on the telephone), a precise and fast way of working, the ability to work on their own, knowledge of English.
  • Non-recurrent entry fee: From EUR 5,000.00 plus VAT, depending on the size and importance of the particular location.
  • Monthly franchise fee: 11% plus VAT of the turnover that is eligible for commission (3% supraregional advertising costs, 7% current franchise fees)
  • Capital outlay on equipment: The capital investment amount is relatively small. If you initially start from your private household, you will need the normal office equipment (PC / printer / fax / telephone / telephone answering machine / stationery and office supplies). In addition, there will be the costs for printing the first set of printed matter and for giveaways.

It is not necessary to invent the wheel again and again.

  • Our performance package is ready and waiting for you:
    supraregional public relations and advertising
  • analysis and comparison of competitive offerings
  • assistance in market analysis
  • provision of printed forms / processing of correspondence
  • provision of artwork patterns for printed matter and advertising media
  • consulting in regional public relations / advertising
  • assistance in building up circles of regular customers and hosts
  • initial orientation in the processing procedures
  • ongoing support in the day-to-day business activities